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As a pharmacist, it was hard for Dr. Nina Farzin to believe there was nothing on the market to help newborns and babies with the discomfort of dry, stubborn boogies. Dr. Nina saw there were no safe methods, drugs, or products available to help kids breathe more easily, especially when you couldn’t get the dry, crusty boogers out. She knew there had to be a better way, so she invented oogiebear® — a revolutionary new product that helps children (and parents) breathe easily and live comfortably. She continues working to help little ones by releasing products to ease their discomfort, with most recently, the oogie nosebalm and the oogie chestrub.

Safely and effectively remove stubborn sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses with the oogiebear® booger tool (great for little ears too!). After cleaning out the boogers, glide on the nosebalm to nourish the chapped areas of the nose. Soothe baby’s nasal discomfort with the chestrub, providing lasting relief from congestion. Our unique formulas are USDA certified organic and cold-pressed to ensure that all of the natural compounds stay intact.

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