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What are Sun-Staches?

Sun-Staches are a proprietary brand of Novelty Eyewear that completely transform the wearer into a character, while providing all of the benefits of wearing  sunglasses such as UV400 protection.  All you have to do is pick up a pair of our Sun-Staches, and it will be clear beyond doubt that our product is far superior in quality and design to any other pair of novelty glasses on the market.

How will retailers benefit from carrying Sun-Staches?

Sun-Staches create an immediate reaction, and are highly impulsive on the retail side (try to remember the first time that you saw them, and tried them on). Furthermore, with all of our holiday styles, and licensed characters from movie releases, Sun-Staches, are always tied into something current, and are relevant in almost any retail environment.  Why would anyone buy a pair of sunglasses with a character’s logo, when you can actually transform into the character, for the same retail price or less?  Sun-Staches sell thru rate consistently blows retailers away!

Who wears Sun-Staches?

We are proud to say that our Sun-Staches line is generally appropriate, and sized for 8-80 year olds.  While it is obvious, that Sun-Staches will appeal to the younger crowd, let’s face it, we all have an inner child that is dying to come out, and have some fun! We have also recently added and are expanding on a 3+ line that is sure to be a winner with the Junior Super Heroes!  Whether you are celebrating an event or holiday, going to a party, wanting to advertise your favorite character or movie, going out in the sun and need protection from sunglasses, or just wake up feeling heroic, Sun-Staches are the perfect accessory.

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